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David Avrin, CSP

Business Keynote Speaker, Best-selling Author, and Consultant

Branding, Business, Competitive Advantage, Customer Experience, Marketing, Sales

Forbes recently listed David Avrin's brand new Customer Experience book: Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back) as one of the: “7 Business Books Entrepreneurs Need to Read.”  Available everywhere and coming soon in Spanish, Chinese and Russian!

One of the most in-demand Customer Experience and Marketing Keynote Speakers and Consultants in the world today, David Avrin delivers profound wisdom to clients and audiences around the world. With a surprisingly relatable, conversational and very entertaining style, David delivers profoundly insightful and hard-hitting content to business audiences across a broad range of industries and categories.

His message and timely lessons on creating, delivering and promoting competitive advantages have been enthusiastically received by audiences in: Singapore, Bangkok, Antwerp, Buenos Aires, Sri Lanka, Brisbane, Johannesburg, Manila, Bangalore, Rotterdam, Glasgow, Abu Dhabi, Bogota, Monte Carlo, Melbourne, London, Barcelona and Dubai.

David is the author of the celebrated marketing books: It’s Not Who You Know It’s Who Knows You! and Visibility Marketing!,  His latest Customer Experience book: Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back) was named by Forbes as “One of the 7 Business Books Entrepreneurs Need to Read.”

His clients include: ReMax, Toyoto, Vistage, Singtel, Johnson & Johnson, Doosan, MDRT, PPG, Fidelity Investments, Harley-Davidson, UBS, and many more. 

"David was our first speaker to ever receive a 100% approval rating on our post event survey. We’ve already hired him for several more events!" -Rich Viola, President/CEO, Hotel Interactive Inc.

How much do you remember from last year’s keynote speaker?

(Chances are, not much) David Avrin delivers a high-energy, content-rich actionable experience about what it takes to win in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, and one you and your audiences will not soon forget! 

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