Lisa Hall

Corporate Business Speaker & Trainer, Certified Business and Life Success Coach, Consultant with Tight Ship Business Coaching

Topics: Business, Motivational, Training

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 5 years old. I had a booming painted rock business and was always looking for a way to put more money into my piggy bank.

With that being said, I did my run as an elementary school teacher for 15 years before finally deciding to go into business for myself full time. 

That led me into what I love! I am a professional business coach with a practice in Knoxville, Tennessee, called Tight Ship. I am also a speaker, trainer, and author... working with clients all over the country. 

My Mission: I help small business owners create more time in their day through the use of efficient and simple business systems that allow them to become more profitable. 

My Belief: Small business is the heart of our country's economic well-being. It's important to serve small business so that our family businesses remain successful.

My Recent Accomplishments: In August 2015, I authored a book, Destination Freedom, Building Your Dream Business on Your Own Terms.

In 2015, I also created and ran two successful business conferences here in Knoxville, TN. In the past several years, I've helped a number of small business owners create the income and businesses of their dreams. I'm very proud of the accomplishments my clients have had and feel blessed to have guided them in their successes. 

About Me:I am originally from California but have lived in Tennessee for over 6 years. I could not be more thankful for being relocated here.

I am a wife to a busy professor at the University of Tennessee and the mom of two grown children. Our oldest son completed his masters degree this past year. Our youngest son is a Senior at UT. My husband and I could not be prouder of our fine young men. Beyond that, I'm a lover of dogs and have three at home; two are rescues. I run my own business coaching practice AND love entrepreneurship. I'm always on the run either working with clients, meeting new people, or spending time with my husband and friends.

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