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Meet Our Mid-Atlantic Division

Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau announces their latest expansion to include a Washington, D.C.-based Mid-Atlantic Division to further diversify and increase talent representation to include Christian Speakers and Music Artists, plus Political Speakers on a national and global stage.

“Our society and our culture are both changing moment by moment, and more than ever before we see an increasing market demand for Christian Speakers and Music Artists plus Political Speakers,” said CEO and founder Sue Falcone. “We want to provide the most value for our clients and Michael with his background and connection to the Christian community and being based in Washington D.C. is the perfect match to accomplish our long-range goals. I look forward to working with Michael and our new talent. ”  

 The Mid-Atlantic Division is led by Michael Towers, Regional Director of Talent Acquisition. Michael has three decades of experience in the live entertainment, corporate event, and conference industry. He has worked alongside some of the greatest talents to grace a stage.

Michael’s faith is rooted in the fact that at numerous times in his life Jesus rescued him from drowning. Today, Michael isn’t letting go of the life preserver. 

He shares: "I'm excited to be on board with Remarkable! and play a major part in building a diversified talent base while helping spread positive messages to our global audiences. I'm looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with the Remarkable! team!"

Michael is uniquely positioned in the Washington, D.C. area to dispatch the greatest Christian talent and political speakers to a world that needs their positive message. Michael wants to offer his expertise to ensure that your event is remarkable! 

Spending a career working backstage as an entertainment technician for conventions, movies, concerts, and theatre; Micheal has worked on productions which include "Wicked!," "Les Miserables," "The Nutcracker", and "Fiddler on the Roof."

Michael has contributed to the success of musical acts like Bruce Springsteen, Britany Spears, and The Rolling Stones. He participated in the making of HBO’s show "The Wire," and even played a small role. 

Today, Michael is a highly sought-after professional speaker and he’s putting the spotlight on mental health. After a lifetime behind the curtain, Michael decided it was his time to take center stage.