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Meet our West Coast Division

Remarkable! has expanded our offerings by adding a robust West Coast Division specializing in securing the finest musical and variety acts as well as top-flight celebrity speakers to put some star power into your event!

The West Coast Division is headed by Steve Zall, Senior Regional Manager of Talent Acquisition and Sid Fish, Director Of Information Services, who have decades of experience in and around the entertainment industry. They bring everything they've learned on their professional journeys to the table - and it takes a big table to fit it all - to ensure an extra measure of excellence for your audience.

Steve Zall is a West Coast entertainment industry icon, a long-time executive manager in PR, sales, advertising and marketing of celebrities, filmakers and entertainers. He also has great experience in film financing. His impressive resume also includes being an entertainer with Disney and appearing in the movie: The Godfather, Part II. He is the former President and CEO of Stars Expo Senior Trade Shows, a former Advertising Sales Rep for LA Weekly and a former Advertising Manager with industry news source of record, The Hollywood Reporter.  

Sid Fish, is a former successful technical manager of computers systems and sales and service, and is a certified systems engineer for Microsoft.  As a former technical manager at Broadvoice, he was honored with the 2016 Award of Excellence. He recently completed a two-year assignment as a casting associate for Gerald Wolff and Associates in West Hollywood.

Together, Steve and Sid are the owners of Independent Filmakers Resource Group, Films 2 Fund Independent Film Financing, and publish All Beverly Hills

"Our West Coast expansion could not be led by two more connected and qualified individuals than Steve Zall and Sid Fish," Remarkable! CEO, Sue Falcone said. "They know everyone and are known by everyone on the West Coast- and are in a perfect position to deliver top-flight talent who will provide top-notch value and excitement to our clients."