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Lt. Colonel Jason O. Harris, MBA, CVP

Dynamic Thought Leader, Engaging Motivational Leadership & Trust Keynote Speaker, USAF Command Pilot & Instructor, Corporate Trainer, Commercial Airline Pilot, Media Personality

Fee Range: $15,000 - $20,000
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Trust, Leadership, Corporate Culture, Teamwork/Teambuilding, Crisis Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Organizational Development, Military, Hospitality

"TRUST your people like your business depends on it. Because it does! Trust and leadership are interconnected - one cannot function without the other!"                                    ~Jason O. Harris

Do you have the right C.A.R.G.O to succeed? Through harrowing, life-altering experiences, Jason has learned the importance of cross- generational communication relying on men and women from half to twice his age. 

This communication is based on mutual trust and is the basis for his No Fail TRUST™methodology. The trust Jason instilled in his air crews that kept them in the sky and out of harm’s way, is the same value of empowerment and cultivating an environment of trust, that Jason brings into today's business world.

Growing up in East Oakland, CA, as the second of six children in a single-parent home, Jason learned the value of dedication. With it, hard work, and determination to avoid a life of poverty and mediocrity, Jason earned a congressional nomination to the United States Air Force Academy, which led to an accomplished military career as a decorated Air Force pilot, and currently serving as a Lt. Colonel in the USAF Reserves.

Through Jason's work as a motivational, engaging, and interactive keynote speaker on leadership and trust, (whether virtual or in-person), he helps organizations and individuals implement these 7 Skill Sets of No Fail TRUST™ principles leading to more empowered workplaces and greatly enhanced customer experiences: situational awareness, assertiveness, decision making, communication, leadership, adaptibility & flexibility, professional knowledge. How? By making sure everyone has the right C.A.R.G.O to succeed!

  • Creativity
  • Access
  • Responsibilities
  • Goals
  • Opportunities 

Jason's Career Accomplishments include: 

  •  Sought-after Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Consultant
  •  Executive Coach
  •  Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA)
  •  Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP) from eSpeakers 
  •  USAF Academy Graduate
  •  MBA, International Business
  •  MS, Logistics & Supply Chain Operations
  •  USAF Command Pilot w/ 4,000+ hours flying time; 2,000+ hours in combat
  •  USAF Elite Special Operations Instructor Pilot
  •  11 combat deployments & 430 combat sorties
  •  14 Air Medals awarded
  •  Current USNORTHCOM & NORAD Logistics staff officer
  •  Current Commercial Airline pilot, American Airlines  

His Most Requested Topics include:

  • 7 Skillsets to Cultivate No Fail TRUST™
  • C.A.R.G.O. Rapid Mission Planning
  • Excellence in Executive Leadership

"Not only is it suddenly clear why so many efforts struggle, Jason gives you an actionable roadmap to turn your business into an industry leader." ~Ed Marsh, Founder/Principle Consilium Global Business Advisors

Jason has been featured in publications such as Forbes, national print media outlets and multiple podcasts that are listened to in multiple countries that recognize him as an authority on trust, leadership and high performance teams. AND, coming on PBS on May 19, 2021 is Jason's first television documentary show, Hindenberg: The New Evidence 

His client's include: Consilium Global Business Advisors, BMO Transportation Finance Group, Dish Network, Financial Planners Association, Cal Poly Pomona, Colorado Oil and Gas Association, HSMAI DFW, Association Pro to Go, Pikes Peak International Raceway, Colorado Association of School Boards, USAF, American Dental Education Association, Hyatt Place, Marriott, The Broadmoor Resort, Woodland Country Lodge, Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau, PBS, and many more ...............

Jason knows that "excellence is a journey, not simply a destination."  Contact us at 888-766-3155 to Book Jason O. Harris for your next event, whether virtual or in-person, and learn how to: TRUST like your BUSINESS and your LIFE depends on it, because it does! 
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