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Courtney Clark, CSP, CVP

Engaging, Motivational and Humorous Keynote Speaker ★ Accelerated Resilience Expert ★ Best-selling Author ★

Fee Range: $10,000 - $15,000
Austin, Texas

Change, Employee Engagement, Inspiration, Health and Wellness, Leadership, Mindset, Resilience, Stress, Success

Courtney Clark is the luckiest unlucky person in the world! At age 26, she beat cancer. But five years later, doctors told her that a routine scan of her brain showed an aneurysm that was about to rupture!

What would you do? Courtney realized as she laid in bed that she had a choice to make on how to move forward! Now she teaches others how to make that same choice too, no matter the situation! 

"I have been an association executive and meeting planner for nearly 20 years and have hired more than a hundred keynote speakers for various conferences. It is very difficult to find a speaker who can connect to all of the various groups represented at a meeting, but Courtney is that speaker. Her story is not only inspiring, but truly touches every single person in attendance. Courtney's passion and enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. She is the "very best speaker" we have ever had. I highly recommend bringing in Courtney to speak to any and every group, and I am 100% sure we will be bringing her back to speak again." ~ Georgia Apartment Association

Courtney designs her experiences to help organizations and companies adapt to change and crises when the stakes are high. She's done the research and lived it!

She knows that resilience in the face of major stress is possible, and how to get it done. Audience members who hear her say her strategies make it easier to manage change, cope with anxiety, bounce back, let go of “the plan,” and get clarity when life, love, or work throws you a curveball.

Courtney loves to work with what she calls “Pillar Professionals”TM – people whose roles require they remain solid, like a pillar, regardless of chaos or change around them. Typical Pillar ProfessionalsTM are often found in education, healthcare, administration, customer service, sales, and IT industries. The people in these roles are called on to be highly resilient because of the pressure of their work and their critical position at the foundation of their organization.

Courtney's clients include:  Dell, Marriott, P&G, Cisco, University of Texas, National Instruments, TSAE, Nike, MGM Grand, Corning, Aetna, Cardinal Health, Federation of Insurance Women of Texas, and many more..............

When she is not on stage working with her incredible clients as a motivational speaker, she is serving in her community. In fact, her research shows that giving back to others is the single best way to get perspective on our own struggles. She volunteers as the President of the Austin chapter of the National Speakers Association, and is on several nonprofit boards. Courtney received her Master's Degree in Philanthropy from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Need an Onstage or Virtual Speaker that is genuine, relatable, offers great energy, has outstanding content and speaking style and quickly becomes a favorite with your audience?  Time to book Courtney Today! 
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