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Robert Stevenson, CVP

Award-winning Captivating Global Keynote Speaker, Best-selling Author, and Entrepreneur

Fee Range: $12,500- $17,500
Clearwater, Florida

Change Management, Communication, Corporate Culture, Customer Experience, Innovation, Inspiration, Leadership, Sales, Strategic Planning, Success, Team Building, Excellence

Robert Stevenson understands that today's audiences don't need hype, they need help, and with his exact customized undeniable truths he provides that to his world-wide audiences!

With years of extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Robert understands what it takes to succeed. A former high school All-American athlete who earned a full athletic football scholarship to Georgia Tech, (where he was a three-year letterman); to owning five successful companies and selling internationally in over 20 countries. He knows how to deal with the risks, competition, and the ever-changing business arena of our world today!

Robert is one of the most widely sought after speakers in the world today. His research in the area of corporate and entrepreneurial success is extensive. He has interviewed over 10,000 employees, managers and senior executives in over 250 industries, and has spoken to over 2 million people in 2,500 companies in all 50 states and 16 countries sharing his powerful, practical, and thought provoking experiences! Your audiences will hear from a man who not only knows what to do, he has done it; he has not just studied it, he has made it happen!

The American Dental Association recently shared: "Just the topic the ADA needs. You were a big hit virtually! You provided such excellent advice on issues impacting our association. You are awesome and such a joy to work with! What are you doing every year moving forward at this time of year?" 

Looks like Robert received an invitation to return, doesn't it? He is a Certified Virtual Presenter by eSpeakers, and his ability to connect with an audience, whether virtual or in-person, is amazing! With his vast knowledge Robert helps organizations, business leaders and associates understand how to unleash their future potential.

His client list reads like the Who's Who in business! Companies like Prudential, FedEx, AT&T, Berkshire Hathaway, Chevron, Harley-Davidson, Honeywell, KFC, Toyota, State Farm, Lockheed Martin, Caterpillar, American Express, American Dental Association, Boeing, and Kellogg's and many more..........have invited Robert to help motivate, inspire and educate their leaders, and employees.

Robert is the author of the best-selling book: How to Soar Like An Eagle in a World Full of Turkeys, where he shares the winning strategies, techniques, methods and thoughts that will inspire, empower and motivate anyone toward a better future. In its 3rd Edition Revision, it makes the reader laugh and cry, but mostly it will make the reader think. Robert's latest release, Raise Your Line, is a must read for anyone who wants to succeed in today’s competitive business world. This book is filled with information to help employees, business owners, leaders, and managers who are looking for better ways to move forward and progress towards a more successful future. 

His energy, power, content, and tangible solutions are all considerations in picking Robert Stevenson as your next speaker; but what determines whether he hits a home run with your audience is much more than just those components! Robert shares:  "A great business speaker doesn’t just tell their story, they take the time and make the effort to understand YOUR story and unique needs." That is what makes Robert Stevenson different from other speakers! Call us now: 888-766-3155 to Book Robert Stevenson for your next virtual, in-person or hybrid event! 

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