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Matthew Pollard, CSP, CVP

International Award-winning Top Keynote Sales Expert Speaker, Blogger, & Podcaster, Best-selling Author

Fee Range: $15,000 - $20,000
Raleigh, North Carolina

Business Growth, Marketing, Sales, Branding, Small Business, Networking

Looking for an action-oriented speaker who will make a real and lasting difference? Tired of useless education and motivation with no substance? Skip the theorists and go straight to the man who has actually done it, Matthew Pollard. 

It was three weeks before the Christmas holidays in Australia and Matthew Pollard, author of "The Introvert’s Edge", needed a job. He had told his parents he would find work after completing school and he wanted to be faithful to his promise…plus he had no money. The difficulty was very few companies were interested in hiring someone before the holidays; then stopped hiring at all during the holidays. The only job Matthew could find was in door-to-door sales. After being briefed on the product, Matthew headed to the streets to start his career as a door-to-door salesperson....The rest is history!

Young, energetic, contemporary, relatable, a powerhouse of differentiation, an expert in niche marketing, and a master sales systemization coach, Matthew is passionate about helping organizations thrive and succeed. With five multimillion-dollar business success stories to his name, all before the age of thirty, his achievements are reflected in the value and credibility he brings to every presentation.

Matthew’s meteoric rise against all odds – and his honesty in sharing his personal challenges – creates an inspirational atmosphere of possibility and belief. Participants walk out of his presentations thinking, “If he can do it, so can I”… and with a complete understanding of the exact steps to follow to skyrocket their success.

And when it comes to understanding what makes a speaker truly stand out, Matthew gets it. As Founder and Executive Director of Small Business Festival, ranked as INC’s #3 conference in America for small business, he is annually responsible for organizing hundreds of speakers for thousands of attendees. He knows what it takes to motivate and inspire an audience, provide an amazing experience, and deliver long-lasting ROI.

"Matthew walked into a tough room of seasoned builders who all expected to hear yet another sales training, from someone that didn’t understand the industry, on how to close more deals. If you’re looking to bring someone in from outside the industry and have them just blow you away, Matthew is your guy. He does his research and his unique insights are something you just can't get from an inside the industry speaker." ~ Ben LaMora, Owner, Lineal Inc.

A recurring guest on FOX and NBC, Matthew has appeared on top-rated podcasts including Entrepreneur on Fire and Eventual Millionaire. He’s the author of the bestseller "The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone", endorsed by Neil Patel, Brian Tracy, Mark Roberge of Harvard, Derek Lidow of Princeton, and dozens more. 

Praised as “the real deal” by Forbes, Matthew has been featured in FortuneINC., Entrepreneur, and CEO Magazine, and is a regular TV, radio, and podcast guest nationwide.

His clients include: Microsoft, NAHB, Google Fiber, Oracle, American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, Electrolux, Guilford Merchants Association (GMA), Jenkins Custom Homes, University of Texas, Make a Wish, TRSA,  Intel, ICCFA, Colliers International, TIADA, Midco, Myco Medical, and Lineal Inc. Builders. 

Listed as a Top 50 Keynote speaker in 2019 by Top Sales World MagazineMatthew's powerful delivery, unmatched grasp on sales systemization, and unique perspective on emotive storytelling is transforming the world of sales as we know it!

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker with an edge, who provides absolute return on investment, who will assist your organization in achieving unprecedented results, Matthew Pollard is your Rapid Growth® Guy!  Book him Today! 
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