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Gregory Offner, ARM, CVP

International Keynote Speaker, Performance and Workplace Culture Expert, Creator of Tip Jar Culture ™

Fee Range: $15,000-$25,000
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Workplace Culture, Leadership, Employee Engagement, Creativity, Fulfillment, Peak Performance, Risk Management

"The best companies don't train better employees, they develop better people!" ~ Gregory Offner

Gregory Offner is a multi-talented speaker, with a passion for entertaining and educating others. His keynotes, workshops, and corporate consulting engagements help world-leading organizations create high-performing and highly fulfilled leaders. 

Prior to this work, Greg led sales and marketing efforts for several Fortune 100 entities, brokering complex Risk Management and Insurance programs for large commercial organizations, and drove process improvement initiatives as a certified Lean Six Sigma practitioner. 

Greg had analyzed the onboarding, training, and development programs of over 40 companies; all before the age of 30. And his work as a keynote speaker, coach, and workshop facilitator fills a void that most organizations leave in their training programming: tactical (soft skill) development.

As an entertainer, Greg has performed on international stages in nearly every type of venue.  His ability to integrate that experience on stage (yes, he uses a piano on stage) transforms his program from a keynote speech into a keynote experience.

Greg is a CVP-Certified Virtual Presenter by eSpeakers, and You can add something truly unique to your next event or conference: A Virtual Piano Bar! Whether you're planning a small team event, holiday party, or a major conference, this highly interactive virtual, musical, sing-a-long experience is unlike anything your attendees have experienced. 

And most recently, Greg has spent over 2 months in total silence as a result of multiple surgeries needed to repair and rebuild his vocal cords...an experience that nearly left him mute; and which ignited the critical spark needed to transform his work from a “personal curiosity” to a “professional mission” - to help individuals and organizations identify the one change that can change everything. 

Through a mix of speaking, audience participation, and a little dueling piano bar magic sprinkled in, Greg connects with audiences and gives them powerful tools to transform their life, supercharge their creativity, and lead through personal or professional change with confidence.

 "Greg made our conference one of the most memorable in its 20-year history. As easy as it is to work with Greg, it's even easier to recommend him!"   -Wendy Dietzler, Senior Conference Producer at ASQ World Headquarters
“I’ve attended hundreds of trainings, and Greg’s program was the most powerful I’ve ever seen; I walked away with a clear view of what I needed to do next”  -Ken Gardner, Clerk of Courts at Federal Bankruptcy Court of Colorado 

Greg’s Client List Includes: Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), COMCAST, Project Management Institute (PMI), Bacardi, Multiple State Bankers Associations, University Risk Management & Insurance Association (URMIA), The Institutes / CPCU Society, Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE), Association for Service Quality (ASQ), Labcorp, Morgan Properties, Pitcairn Property Group, SSH Real Estate, BuxMont Homebuilders Association, NECA (National Electrical Contractors Assn), and many more. 

His Key Audiences Include: Real Estate/ Property Management, Banking / Financial Services, Insurance, Human Resources, Young / Rising Leaders, Sales & Marketing

Greg's Most Requested Keynote Experiences include:

  • Dueling with Disruption: Significant Results from Simple Changes- Your audience will be able to clearly define disruption and understand what makes it different from other types of change. They’ll learn the Root Goal Analysis process, and how it creates a path to effective disruption, and about the “duel” with disruption, how our brains are wired for two distinct types of change, and how they can use this to change rapidly. 
  • The Performance Agreement: Create a Culture of High Performing, Highly Fulfilled Leaders  Your audience will learn the specific steps to create a new Performance Agreement within their team, department, or organization. They'll have two actionable shifts they can make to perform better personally and professionally, instantly. They'll discover the neuroscience behind engagement, and how to apply this knowledge to consistently bring out the best in their people.

Looking for an experienced, multi-talented speaker with a proven ability to Engage, Educate & Entertain audiences around the world? Gregory Offner is the Perfect Match for you! Call us today at 888-766-3155 to Book Greg for your next event! 
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