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John Baldoni, CVP

Global Award-winning Leadership Keynote Speaker and Thought-Leader, Best-selling Author, and Executive Coach

Fee Range: $12,500- $17,500
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Leadership, Business, Corporate Culture, Innovation, Purpose, Positivity, Resilience

Meet John Baldoni, Global Leadership Speaker who shares: "The challenges facing today's leaders are unprecedented! The very best succeed by leveraging their purpose with their sense of grace." 

Globally acclaimed and award-winning business leadership speaker, John Baldoni is an educator, thought leader, certified master corporate executive coach, and author of 15 books that have been translated into 10 languages. 

John’s thought leadership is reflected in his writing as well as his choice of media: columns, videos, and books. Even today John continues to experiment. He integrates piano improvisations into his keynotes which he illustrates with his still life photos.  John is also the host of LinkedIn Live’s Grace under pressure interview series, a platform that has enabled him to interview more than a hundred global business, academic, and thought leaders and doers.

He has had the privilege of speaking to virtually every industry from pharmaceutical to real estate, packaged goods to automobiles, and finance to health care. Those who attend his experiences find his advice practical and inspirational.

Mixed with stories of great men and women, and leavened with light-hearted humor, John shares down-to-earth practical advice that individuals can apply immediately!  He blends his passion for leadership with genuine enthusiasm for helping people achieve their leadership ambitions. 

As an award-winning author, through his books and his many columns in leading business publications, John has become a source of practical wisdom on topics such as influencing without authority, applying power appropriately, leading with grace and conviction, and developing genuine followership. 

John's Best-sellers include: 

  • Grace Notes: Leading in an Upside-Down World- addresses the fear, isolation, resilience, and endurance that faced leaders in an unprecedented time. It reveals how leaders can become more resilient and more capable of leading themselves and their teams. John's photography provides an added dimension that provides visual punctuation. This book will provide readers with insights into how to live more purposefully and with greater grace.

  • Grace: A Leader's Guide to a Better Us was named by Leadership Now as one of the best Leadership books of 2019.  Chester Elton, Speaker, and New York Times Best-selling author states: 
    "the word “grace” is often seen as spiritual, but you’ll see that John has shown us it is so much more. That it can truly make you a better leader by understanding it." 

  • Lead with Purpose: Giving Your Organization a Reason to Believe in Itself  

  • Moxie: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership, which earned a 4 Star ★★★★ review from Success Magazine

  • The Leader’s Pocket Guide: 101 Indispensable Tools, Tips and Techniques for Any Situation 

His blogs and articles have also been featured in Forbes, Inc., HBR, Thinkers 50, SmartBrief, Smart Company, Harvard Business Review, and was recently featured in the online Global Leaders Today Magazine. He publishes a LinkedIn Newsletter, and posts many articles on that media site. He is also featured on many top Podcasts and interviews.

John's Most Requested Keynote Experiences Include:

  • Leading through Change and Crisis! GRACE under pressure

  • Lead with Purpose: Giving Your Organization a Reason to Believe In Itself

  • MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership

"Thanks, John, I appreciated your unique approach to presenting your workshop during the ACEC Conference last week.  After 15 months of being “zoomed to death,” you creatively offered a very powerful learning experience for attendees.  By posing questions and then providing reflection music while we thought about our answers, I believe you made one of the most impactful conference sessions thus far. Your approach was unique, creative, and refreshing.  I have long appreciated music as a learning tool. I think you are on to something pretty special with this approach and hope you will continue to utilize the method for your audiences.  I came away actually feeling refreshed as well as learning some great things! Thank you for your creative spirit and gifts to the world."  ~Holly Teska, President

His audiences include:  Ford Motor Company, Delphi Technologies, Henry Ford Health System, Magna, International Association of Auditors, ConocoPhillips, Magna, St. John, Culture of Good, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, Ascension, CUNA (Credit Union National Association), Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Health System, USAF/JAG, ACEC Conference .....................and many more! 

As an Award-winning Speaker and Author, John has been named:

  • Named by Global Leaders Today #45 in the Top 100 Global Inspirational Leaders 2022
  • World-Class Mentor, and inducted into their Hall of Fame for 2021 by the International Federation of Learning and Development
  • NEW Global Chair- 2021 from IFLD- International Federation of Learning and Development
  • Top 30 Global Leadership Speaker/Trainer-2022 by Global Gurus, a list John has been on since 2007
  • Top 100 Speaker-by Inc.com- 2018
  • Lifetime Achievement Award for Trust by Trust Across America 
  • Top 50 Leadership Expert by Inc.com-2014
  • Member of the renowned Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches, a group of executive coaches and thought leaders from the worlds of business, academia, and social services
  • CVP (Certified Virtual Presenter) by eSpeakers 

Ready for an experience where "good leaders are turned into GREAT LEADERS?" Learn how to Demonstrate Resilience in the face of adversity,  Provide Clarity in times of uncertainty,  and Deliver Hope when fear abounds,  all with a Sense of Grace that reflects humility, empathy, and respect for others.  Call us today at 888-766-3155 to book John Baldoni for your next Virtual, In-person, or Hybrid event!  

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