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Scott Steinberg

Award-winning World's Leading Business Strategist Keynote Speaker, Fortune's Master Innovation Expert, Best-selling Futurist and Trends Author

Fee Range: $10,000- $30,000
Washington D.C.

Business, Change, Technology, Innovation, Leadership, Marketing

“If you really want to know about business, you should refer to Scott Steinberg.” - Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

Hailed as The Master of Innovation by Fortune magazine, and World’s Leading Business Strategist, award-winning strategic consultant, trends expert, and professional speaker Scott Steinberg is a bestselling expert on leadership, change, and innovation.

A go-to resource for C-level leaders, Scott has served as a source of thought leadership, insight, and consulting for over 1000 leading brands, and advised on household-name products found in 100+ million homes. One of America's top futurists (per the BBC); the author of "Fast Forward" and "Think Like a Futurist"; and among today's top business strategy + leadership training providers, the Fortune 500 calls him a "defining figure in business + technology" and "top trendsetter to follow."

One of the world's 150 most influential keynote speakers + futurists, and today’s #1 Generations Expert and Technology Expert (per Google), Scott offers breakouts, workshops, and Keynote Experiences at meetings/events, and has consulted on dozens of industry-leading solutions. 

A regular guest on ABC, CBS, FOX, Fox Business, and CNBC, he serves as a featured expert for Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Parade Magazine. Scott was recently profiled on PBS, and is a featured columnist for PR News, Consumer Technology Association, Canadian Society of Association Executives, and Forbes Magazine.

Scott's Most Requested Keynote Experiences Include:

  • Leading Through Disruption: How to Thrive Amid Uncertainty- Learn how to plan around uncertainty, future-proof your business, and build a strategic roadmap that can withstand any unexpected twist or turn that the market takes.
  • What's the Future of Work: Tomorrow's Best Practices, Operating Models, and Workforce Trends- Find out what it takes to grow your business and find continuing success in a world of rising uncertainty, as well as best practices for surviving and thriving in this brave new working world.
  • Think Like a Futurist: How to See Tomorrow Today!- Learn how you can stay one step ahead of tomorrow’s marketplace – and one step ahead of the competition.
  • Simple Change, Big Impact: How to Do More with Less and Pivot Your Way to Success- Wondering how you can do more with less? Here, you’ll discover the answers, including how – no matter what resources you’re working with – it always pays to be more resourceful.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Scott as a speaker and presenter. He recently gave a keynote address and received high marks from the audience, and brought home to them the importance of creating a culture to implement change. He was easy to work with in developing content, able to build his presentation to fit our audience, professional, and engaging.”  Liz Whitney, Senior Manager, Education & Meetings, International Warehouse Logistics Association

His audiences include: Dell-EMC, IBM, Microsoft, International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, Public Relations Society of America, CNOOC International, OptumRx, National Association of Corporate Directors, EVP, Promotion Technology Group, American Association of Orthodontists, American Probation & Parole Association,  Association of Change Management Professionals, International Warehouse Logistics Association, United Way,  LifeNet Health, California Bankers Association, and many more.........................

As an Award-winning Speaker and Author, Scott has been named: 

  • Top 25 Consultants for 2020 by Consulting Magazine
  • World's Leading Business strategist by the International Association for Scholastic Excellence
  • Thought leader and consultant – worked with over 1000+ leading brands from IBM, PwC and Ford to MTV, The PGA, and Intel
  • CEO of BIZDEV- The International Association for Business Development and Strategic Partnerships
  • Change and Innovation Expert for CNBC
  • Today's #1 Generations Expert and Technology Expert (per Google)
  • Master of Innovation by Chase Bank and Fortune Magazine
  • Bestselling author of 20 books on leadership, innovation, technology, and marketing 

Scott has been doing virtual before most of us were forced into it! He knows what virtual audiences expect, and delivers every time!  Scott shares these 5 Ways to Create a Must-See Virtual Experience: 

  • Keep It Short and Simple- Online attention spans are limited. Noting this, virtual presentations should be designed to be short and sweet: Think up to 20-30 minutes maximum for a keynote, panel, or similar presentation depending on subject matter complexity and depth.  

  • Be Approachable and Engaging-  speakers will often do better to lead with humor, empathy, and relatable stories that capture audiences’ attention out of the gate and invite them to let their hair down than to adopt a similar posture to on-stage speaking presentations. (Which often come off feeling like a cliched and dry corporate training video.)

  • Move at a Steady and Upbeat Pace - Online audiences bore easily and stare at enough screens all day, every day that they’re practically going cross-eyed. Bearing this in mind, the pacing for an online presentation should be brisk, the tone should be upbeat, and you should be concise about presenting your theories and arguments.  

  • Add Interactivity and Audience Participation-  Online polls and surveys, app-based feedback tools, and fun little animated explainers can serve you well in your battle to capture and hold audiences’ attention. However, few exercises hold a crowd’s attention as much as interactive activities that invite participants to perform a task together or call and response sequences that invite them to speak up and share.  

  • Don’t Forget to be Contemporary- Stories, examples, and images that you highlight in your online presentations (let alone jokes and references) should all be adapted to feel contemporary and current. Be sure it feels fresh and up-to-date.

Why book Scott Steinberg as a speaker for your next virtual or in-person event? "The presentation was engaging, entertaining, thought-provoking, even in a virtual format!” shares Stephen Hawco, Sr. Project Engineer, CNOOC International. To book Scott- click Book This Speaker below. or call us at 888-766-3155. 
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