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Kenny XU

International Keynote Speaker, Political Journalist, Bestselling Author, Podcaster, and President of Color Us United

Fee Range: $7500 - $10,000
Raleigh, North Carolina

Critical Race Theory-CRT, Culture, Diversity, Education, Discrimination, Meritocracy, Race Issues, Social Issues

Courage and Conviction: Kenny XU is your Keynote Speaker Fighting for Unity Amidst Racial Division!

As the youngest board member of the Asian-American Coalition for Education and Students for Fair Admissions, and an identity politics journalist, Kenny has unique and unprecedented access to the major players fighting the deep racial ideologies propagated by academics today. He understands the scope and scale of the critical race theory movement in education with fine detail and synthesis of national and world issues.

Kenny is one of the most frequently sought-after Speakers on Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Education, and he is the President of the Nonprofit Organization, Color Us United, Advocating for a Race-Blind America! He has been interviewed by The New York Times, NPR, The Epoch Times, Fox News, Newsmax, and others. His articles have been published in the Wall Street Journal, The Daily Signal, The Federalist, The Washington Examiner, The Quillette, and City Journal.

His clients include: Bank of America, University of North Texas, NC Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference, The NYC Monday Meeting, James Martin Center for Higher Education, The Fund for American Studies, Young America's Foundation, Parents United, East Valley Republican Women, Rock the Red!, Connecticut Parents Coalition, Pacific Legal Foundation to the Boston Rally for Education Rights to the all-Black Connecticut Parents Union, FAIR, and Independent Women's Forum. 

Kenny is the Bestselling Author of "An Inconvenient MINORITY"- The Attack on Asian American Excellence and the Fight for Meritocracy. From a journalist on the frontlines of the Students for Fair Admission (SFFA) v. Harvard case comes a probing examination of affirmative action, the false narrative of American meritocracy, and the attack on Asian American excellence with its far-reaching implications—from seedy test-prep centers to gleaming gifted-and-talented magnet schools, to top colleges and elite business, media, and political positions across America

Thank you for a thorough, thought provoking and enlightening session with our members! Feedback is already coming through regarding the frankness and the honesty of the discussion was very real. To have people begin thinking critically about DE&I is a huge step forward to achieving a color blind meritocracy. The overseas examples are poignant and makes the point easily. So much to unpack, and I for one, will be taking this back to my company’s D&I Council to see how we can build in meritocracy into our work." ~ Elaine Cheong, SVP-Bank of America

Kenny's Most Requested Keynote Experiences:

  • What is Critical Race Theory and How is it Affecting Our Schools? This speech combines my speaking on critical race theory and education while going into the origins of CRT at Harvard and its lasting effects on how it psychologically affects children to despise each other because of their race. Good for parent groups, students, political groups, and educators.
  • Why are Asians suing Harvard and why should you care? This speech is about how Asian Americans pose an inconvenient threat to Critical Race Theory and to Harvard's ideology of discrimination and exclusivity in the name of "diversity." It also goes into DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and how it actually is a threat to the meritocratic principles that make institutions successful. Good for business groups, political groups, and students.
  • What is the "inconvenient minority?" Kenny combines the Harvard material and the CRT/education material together to make this experience about meritocracy, CRT's threat to it through Harvard, why Asian Americans need to rise up to fight CRT, and why the American Dream means fighting for meritocracy. Good for many different groups.

As a second-generation Chinese American, originally from Maryland, Kenny grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and later moved to Princeton, NJ with his family. He attended Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Philosophy. While in college, he founded Davidson’s Young Americans for Freedom Chapter. Throughout his life, Kenny has incessantly fought for American ideals. Additionally, he is an evangelical Christian, and his faith has taught him “the equality of all people” and how to speak up for himself. 

Kenny's goal is to draw you into a respectful conversation about challenging topics. He is not afraid to talk about culture as one of the primary determinants of success, regardless of race. Don't be shy, bring Kenny XU to speak and see for yourself! To book Kenny call us at 888-766-3155 or click below on Book Your Speaker!


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