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Dr. Gretchen Moran Marsh, Ph.D., CSP, CVP

International High Energy Mental Health Keynote Speaker, Clinical Psychologist, and is on a Passionate Mission to Destigmatize Mental Health!

Fee Range: $10,000-$12,500
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Mental Health, Health/Wellness, Stress, Fear/Anxiety, Depression, Life Satisfaction, Healthcare Business, Leadership, Education, Resilience

Dr. Gretchen Moran Marsh, Ph.D., Keynote Speaker is on a Mission to Destigmatize Mental Health!

Dr. Gretchen Moran Marsh, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist who is an expert on the topic of mental health, and has set as her mission to destigmatize all the issues of Mental Health! As a noted expert in her field, she shares that even experts can experience different mental issues from time to time, and she is transparent in her speaking and counseling to share her personal stories and solutions she has found! 

Dr. Gretchen points out that: "more than half of individuals with mental health problems don’t receive treatment. This is often due to a lack of insurance, financial resources, or the stigma that counseling has for some people. While an individual is comfortable going to a cardiologist for cardiac care, seeing a therapist for mental health may be embarrassing", she says. She notes that some individuals turn to online apps to help them with stress and other mental health issues, but shares "these rarely offer clinical evidence of effectiveness."

“Employees and employers know that their co-workers and employees need services. They need a multi-modal approach. There has been a culture shift to bring in mental health experts,” Dr. Gretchen shares. She has turned to professional speaking to expand her ability to help people build resilience. Dr. Gretchen recommends self-help techniques that have been clinically validated. These include SELF — getting appropriate sleep, exercise, leisure, and food; practicing gratitude, and learning strategies to cope when things go wrong.

According to Dr. Gretchen, "children too have experienced an increase in depression and anxiety due to COVID and some are having trouble returning to school and the regular world." So she takes her messages to the school systems, associations, parents and teachers to fill the void in the treatment of these issues! 

Dr. Gretchen's Accomplishments & Awards:

  • Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP) from eSpeakers.
  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)  from the National Speakers Association
  • Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Michigan
  • Master's and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Wayne State University

Gretchen's Keynote Experiences include:

  • Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma and Finding Solutions - Learn validated strategies to not only immediately improve your mental health, but also prevent mental health problems in the future. 
  • Cultivating Mental Wellness: Strategies for Coping and Thriving in Every Area of Life an informative and empowering session learning valuable tools to help create mental wellness in your everyday life.  
  • See How Stress Affects How We Feel, Think and Behave & How to Break the Cycle - Learn how to become aware of our negative feeling, thinking, and behaving patterns and how to change them to live a more productive and satisfying life. 

Dr. Gretchen shows leaders and team members techniques that will immediately improve overall mental health and decrease the likelihood of problems in the future. Specifically, she shows people how to change how they think, behave and feel, resulting in improved personal and professional life satisfaction.

This was a much-needed education for our employees. Dr. Marsh's presentation is engaging, easy to follow, and understandable. She is highly approachable and made an immediate impact on our team. We had dozens of employees go out of their way to thank our leadership team for making an investment in their mental health, and how it helped them and their families. - John Tracy, CEO - Bluewater Technologies

Gretchen's audiences include: Microsoft, Lear Corporation, Alix Partners, Eight Eleven Group, New Jersey Resources, Tucows, Friends of Different Learners, Next, Epitec, Walbridge Construction, Bluewater Technologies, SHRM, and many more...

Looking for a Mental Health Expert who knows how to passionately share the issues and the solutions to the Mental Health Crisis we face today? Dr. Gretchen Moran Marsh is the perfect choice for your company, conference, association, and school systems to bring the message loud and clear that we can and must Destigmatize Mental Health in our world! To book Dr. Gretchen click below at Book This Speaker, or call us today at 888-766-3155! Don't delay we all need to hear her message! 


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