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Todd Sylvester

International Motivational Keynote Speaker, Host of Beliefcast Podcast, Best Selling Author, Mental Health Fitness Coach

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Addiction, Empowerment, Change, Inspirational, Suicide Prevention, Spirituality, Alcoholism/Drug Abuse

Todd Sylvester has truly pivoted mindsets toward healthier and happier lives by shifting belief systems.

The most delightful surprise in life is to suddenly recognize there is nothing wrong with you”  ~ Todd Sylvester

Todd spent his youth addicted to drugs and alcohol. Through his own recovery and newfound awareness, Todd learned that more powerful than any addiction was the power of the human soul.

For over 30 years Todd has discovered and taught universal principles that have empowered thousands to conquer addiction, crush compulsive behaviors and change their limiting belief systems. As an International Motivational Speaker, Todd has spoken to more than 1200 businesses, seminars, schools, churches, and youth groups, and coached over 17,000 people.

In 1989 Todd founded the nonprofit, anti-drug entity Sly Dog, "Drug-Free That's Me", which features a sought-after education program for elementary schools. This program has encouraged over 100,000 school-age students, emphasizing principles of positive self-talk, personal commitment, goal setting, and character building.

Todd’s method goes beyond just helping people overcome addictions, but one of creating greater self-confidence, empowering individuals, and helping people replace their negative beliefs with a positive lifestyle.

Todd's Accomplishments & Awards include:

  • Known as the Belief System Master 
  • Host of the Weekly Mental Health Podcast Ranked in the Top 150: Todd Inspires: BeliefCast
  • His story is featured on YouTube Video with over 5 million views and translated into 3 languages
  • 32 Years of Sobriety
  • 10 years of Addiction 
  • Spoken at over 1200 Events
  • Coached over 17,000 People 
  • #1 Best Selling Author of "I am RecoverED
  • Mentor & Personal-Development Coach 
  • B.A. University of Phoenix- Business Management
  •  - VP of Content, You're Okay Mental Fitness
  • Creator of You're Okay Mental Fitness App

Change can come from the most unlikely of places. For Todd, that place was a neighborhood lemonade stand, when he made the spontaneous decision to become one little girl’s most generous customer. This simple act – and the positive reaction that came with it – provided Todd with a sense of hope that he had never felt before. Todd’s strengthening sense of purpose sparked a fervent determination to change his life and prevent others from enduring the physical and emotional pain that had threatened his very existence.

Todd's media appearances include: ABC4 Utah, Deseret News, Meridian Magazine, Cultural Hall Podcast, Healthcare in America, and Todd’s Story was also featured in Best Selling Author Simon Sinek’s book, “Find Your Why”! 

Todd's Keynote Experiences include:

  • Getting Clean- Being CLEAN is Love of Self. You can let go of any habit or addiction by learning to more fully love who you are. Ideal for: Recovering Addicts, Alcoholics, Gaming Addicts.
  • Belief Systems- Our thoughts become our beliefs and our beliefs shape who we are. It’s time to let go of negative and false beliefs. Ideal for: Sales Teams, Executives, Employees.
  • The Power of Story- The Most Powerful FORCE in the Human Psyche is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves.  What follows “I Am” follows YOU! Ideal for: Youth, Abuse Survivor, Trauma Survivors. 

"We absolutely LOVED having you today Todd Sylvester,  You’re an amazing storyteller!"
                                                                          ~ Ryan King, CFO Thread Wallets

Todd's audiences include: The Leonardo Home, THREAD Wallets, Trove Brands, Sunrise Elementary School, Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center, North Central University, Highmark School Development Annual Summit, Siegfried & Jensen, Alta High School, First Digital, Mountain West Spine and Orthopedics, Living Recovery Interventions,  and many more...

Three Reasons to Book Todd Sylvester for Your Next Event:

  • His Reputation precedes him with over 32 years of experience, Speaking at over 1200 events to people of all ages and backgrounds, and serving as a Mentor & Personal Development Coach.
  • Real World Experience: through his personal experiences he truly understands firsthand the struggles of drug addiction, depression, and anxiety, and by discovering a clear path for recovery, he invites others to a life of freedom.
  • People listen to him: not only has he inspired the hearts of so many schools, businesses, church groups, and teens, Todd has truly pivoted mindsets toward healthier and happier lives by shifting belief systems. 

Looking for a Mental Health Speaker that has real experiences of Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Depression, and Anxiety; and has discovered a Belief System that can offer a life of Freedom?  To book Todd Sylvester for your next event, click below at Book this Speaker, or call or text us at 888-766-3155 today!  
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