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Dr. Rick Goodman, CSP, CVP

International Leadership Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur

Fee Range: $12,000- $18,000
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Leadership, Employee Engagement, Employee Retention, Healthcare, Business Growth, Personal Development, Sales

Dr. Rick Goodman can diagnose what's wrong and prescribe what's right!

Dr. Rick Goodman is one of the most sought-after leadership and engagement experts today. His keynotes and workshops transform, leading to highly engaged employees and increased productivity. He provides Non-Stop Energy and Entertainment. He will Transform! Optimize! and Accelerate! your team with dynamic and memorable experiences. He will inspire, entertain and arm your audience with tools they can immediately implement. This is due to Dr. Rick’s intense preparation to customize your presentation to match your core message and values.

He has a vast array of front-line experiences in many professions and industries. This means he can pick from a wide variety of proven real-life solutions, something that an expert in a single industry cannot. Goodman delivers inspiring and enlightening keynote speeches custom-designed and relevant to your audience. Dr. Rick can create an experience to achieve your goals!

Imagine kicking off your conference with an opening experience that gives your attendees a jolt. Or end it with a closing experience that sends people home empowered with a game plan for successful action.

Dr. Rick has appeared on many major podcasts, has been published by ACA News, and has a successful blog and podcast of his own. He is the author of three best-selling books: The Solutions Oriented Leader, Living a Championship Life: A Game Plan Success, and Jamie's Journey - Travel's with My Dad.

Your event is a major investment, and that’s why it’s critical to make sure your investment pays off! His Commitment is that your investment continues to give you a return long after your event concludes. Goodman's Solutions are PROVEN and based on delivering ongoing education and growth and Dr. Rick's Impact on your team is created through a diversified learning approach.

His workshop experiences are designed to help your team with proven steps to put the strategy into action. He will work with your various teams to ensure better results all throughout the organization, from the C-Suite to your frontline team who interacts with your clients and customers. The end results: A highly engaged and productive team, and clients who become raving fans!

Dr. Rick's Awards And Accomplishments Include:

  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) from the National Speakers Association (NSA)
  • Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP) from eSpeakers
  • Member of the International Federation of Professional Speakers (IFPS)
  • Member of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF)
  • Board member of the Florida Speakers Association (FSA)
  • Team physician for the Super Bowl Champion, St. Louis Rams from 2000
  • Has developed several multimillion-dollar businesses
  • Top 10 World Wide Leadership Speaker from Global Guru 2022 and 2023
  • Degree from Kent State in Sports Medicine
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan University

Dr. Rick is also a successful entrepreneur who walks his talk and shares his winning philosophies with his audiences. He has built several extremely successful multimillion-dollar businesses and uses those experiences to provide solutions for his audiences throughout the world.

Dr. Rick Goodman's Most Requested Keynote Experiences Include:

  • The Adaptability Zone...Achieving Certainty in Uncertain Times
  • The Solutions Oriented Leader... How to Recruit, Retain and Reimagine in a New World
  • The Game Plan...Three Steps to Build a Solutions Oriented Team
  • Solutions Oriented Healthcare...Healing Through Humanity

Dr. Rick, Your kickoff keynote presentation was AWESOME! I could see the excitement from our team as they were getting solutions and ACTION STEPS we needed to implement! And now – even a few months after your presentation our team is still using the principles you taught us which are now ingrained into our culture. YOU ROCK!“ - John Leone, Heineken

Dr. Rick's clients include: IBM, Cigna, AT&T, Western Union, U.S. Army, American Cancer Society, Heineken, HP, Inova, Franklin Templeton Investments, Cavium, ADT, American Red Cross, Bank of America, MERCK and Company, Caterpillar, Maritz, Department of Navy, Kroger, Marriott, MGM Resorts, INOVA, Mitsubishi Chemical, North Carolina Banker's Association, North Carolina Bar Association, JP Morgan Chase Bank, and Miami Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Rick has delivered presentations in all 50 states and in 23 countries, and is one of the most sought-after leadership and engagement experts today. His experiences have produced transformational results leading to highly engaged employees, increased productivity, and HIGHER PROFITS.

Dr. Rick’s goal is to be the EASIEST SPEAKER you have ever worked with – before, during, and after your event. . He’ll arrive early to engage with your attendees and stay late to answer any questions, sign books and be a contributing advisor and member of your team! Click "Book Your Speaker" below or call 888-766-3155 to book Dr. Rick for your virtual or in-person event.
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