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Dustin Dale, CVP

International Keynote Speaker, Leadership and Business Expert, Executive Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer, Bestselling Author

Fee Range: $10,000- $30,000
Toledo, Ohio

Servant Leadership Mindset, Christian Living, Branding, Change Management, Diversity, Inclusion

Dustin Dale Creates Intentional Awareness to Inspire ACTION!

Former corporate senior leader Dustin Dale is a professional keynote speaker, executive leadership trainer, and bestselling author whose life mission was redefined on November 21, 2021. Dustin was told that he was headed toward death from an autoimmune disease. In four days, Dustin realized his mission still needed to be finished. During his many treatment sessions in an oncology department, Dustin wrote his first best-selling book, "Learn to Lead by Serving", where he shares his knowledge and experience of 10 years leading over 1,000 teams and more than 3,500 persons for major corporate companies.

Dustin has developed leaders worldwide by inspiring stronger cultures and creating servant leaders. He has also become an example of faith through his powerful testimonial. Dustin brings an authentic and inspiring message about what it is meant to become a servant leader. Delivering this message across corporations, universities, and all industries has created a ripple effect for future leaders to succeed!

Learn to Lead by Serving was Dustin’s first book which was a driving force for giving Dustin motivation to keep fighting through a difficult period. The first edition is the foundational building blocks for understanding servant leadership and how to approach the idea of becoming a servant leader through implementation. A significant success factor in the first book doing so well is that the lessons allow the readers to journal their thoughts, create action plans, and provides a safe place for reflection. Leaders must feel comfortable addressing the areas in their personal and professional life that need improvement and feel equipped with the right mindset. 

The first book’s success allowed Dustin to write and publish his second book, “Learn to Lead by Serving 2.” The investment into the book sets the tone with over 25 quotes shared throughout the lessons that will help leaders think differently about their leadership. Another winning aspect is that the book tackles very controversial topics that are relevant in the current workplace. Dustin is assisting companies in realizing that leadership is more than checking a box, and that servant leadership is about leading with authenticity. Both best-selling books have engaged many audiences worldwide, allowing Dustin to bring his message to all industries.

Along with speaking, training, and writing full-time as a professional author; Dustin also shares his message about his faith journey. Dustin is real, raw, and transparent about the struggles of coming from a single-parent home, dealing with death as a child, and overcoming very dark periods in his life where he had contemplated giving up all hope. He has faced numerous situations where negativity, depression, and anxiety constantly struggled, and learning to control his thoughts helped him become victorious over these areas. He now shares his personal success story to help many know they are not alone and can be victorious in their battles. Dustin shares how he stays positive while living with an autoimmune disease that is not curable and fighting to ensure the negative thoughts and excuses are not his way of life!     

If there is one aspect of life and business that Dustin knows about, it's the focus on training Servant Leadership to businesses and teams! Dustin has been leading the way in every industry by delivering his powerful message on serving others and how any organization can win by following the (4) principles of Servant Leadership. These principles have guided Dustin to a very successful career where he led teams and leaders through some of the most complex times and challenges that any industry has seen. During those times Dustin was able to separate himself as the lead authority for developing talent, reducing turnover, and increasing revenue year over year.

Dustin has been recognized for his passion in leading teams and driving engagement, quickly earning positions of increasing complexity and responsibility during extremely challenging economic conditions. As a published author of several articles, Dustin is releasing a new series of leadership books. He is certified by eSpeakers as a Certified Virtual Presenter. 

“Dustin is very engaging and he easily captures and maintains the attention of his audience given his relevant session topics, which is huge for a speaker to do!”  — Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe, CEO SAAB.

Dustin's Most Requested Keynote Experiences include:

  • Servant Leadership!
    Every leader wants to be the best leader possible, and every organization wants to promote the best leaders possible. What happens when leaders are not sure how they should lead? This is a common issue, and servant leadership’s message is to fix the problem. This keynote will equip your leaders with the best resources, tools, and methods to lead through difficult times and build meaningful relationships with employees/customers.

  • Branding!
    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of options for consumers to choose from. What is setting you apart from your competition? This keynote will talk about the competitive edge it takes to ensure the branding and identity of the organization is a top performer. Everyone will understand the three Cs of branding—Clear, Concise, and Clarity- and how it applies to a company’s brand.

  • Mind Shift!
    One of the most complex aspects of being human is becoming stuck in our ways and never breaking repeated patterns, only to find zero progress in our goals. This keynote will help everyone understand how the mind sees a plan, how to inspire the mind to take action, and how to celebrate small wins. This powerful keynote will have the audience internally reflecting on areas they need to improve to become their best version.

His clients include: SAAB, Ignite Your Service Conference, Lions Club International, University of Toledo,  Rotary Club International, Patriot Preparatory Academy, MARS Petcare, Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Louisville Title, and many more...

Looking for a Speaker that delivers powerful, thought-provoking experiences that will leave everyone in the room ready to tackle any mission, and also as a trainer that can do a break-out session to dive deeper all in the same day?  Whether in the Business World or a Faith Based Organization, Virtual or In-Person, Don't miss out on the opportunity to book Dustin Dale! He will deliver above all expectations to inspire you and your team to take action! To have Dustin at your next event, Click Book This Speaker below or text or call us at 888-766-3155. 

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