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Dustin Dale

Keynote Speaker, Leadership and Business Expert, Podcast Host

Toledo, Ohio

Professional Development, Faith, Motivational, Life Changes, Servent Leadership, Sales, Corporate Sales, Focus, Customer Relations

Dustin Dale brings over 10+ years of motivating teams by focusing on inspiring a change in behavior. He delivers powerful, thought-provoking messages that will leave everyone in the room ready to tackle any mission. His background of achieving success comes from 10 years of leading over1,000 teams to achieve high level results. Dustin has also become a global selling author with his book, Learn to Lead by Serving and is the first of many more to come. Don't miss out on the opportunity to book Dustin Dale! He will deliver above all expectations to inspire your team to take action.

Along with a being a motivational speaker, Dustin also loves to share his personal story centered around his faith. He speaks from powerful moments in his life where he had nothing but faith to rely on. He shares his personal story of overcoming an illness where he was given the horrific news, "you may die". His faith-based messages are powerful for all audiences and will leave everyone in the room ready to go live life different!

If there is one aspect of life and business that Dustin knows about, it's the focus of teaching Servant Leadership to businesses and teams! Dustin has been leading the way in every industry by delivering his powerful message on serving others and how any organization can win by following the (4) principles of Servant Leadership. These principles have guided Dustin to a very successful career where he led over 1,000 teams through some of the most complex times and challenges that any industry has seen. During those times Dustin was able to separate himself as the lead authority for developing talent, reducing turn-over, and increasing revenue year over year.

Dustin has been speaking and delivering motivational messages for the past ten years which has now led him to become an international selling author! His first book, Learn to Lead by Serving has been highly sought after and implemented within organizations as productive training guide for all members. This is his first book of his new leadership training series that he will be releasing.

Dustin has delivered servant leadership and motivational keynotes for over 1,000 team members in his 10 years in corporate America. He has been recognized for his passion in leading teams and driving engagement, quickly earning positions of increasing complexity and responsibility during extremely challenging economic conditions. Dustin also hosts “The Horizon Podcast Series” that is focused on teaching servant leadership and redefining role clarity for all leaders. As a published author of several articles, Dustin is releasing a new series of leadership books. His first book was released in early 2022, Learn to Lead by Serving. He quickly gained international traction, and ready to inspire!

Speaking Topics:
"Winners think different"
-- Your teams will walk away ready to think like a winner, and understand that it is about consistenct, and strong relationships.
"Seek Solutions, Not Excuses"
-- Sucessful bussinesses have 1 theme in common, they seek solutions not excuses!
"Inspiring Employee Engagement"
-- The workforce is ever changing and the need to have a strong employee focused culture is a must to survive.
"Servant Leaders"
-- Servant leadership has never failed any leader as it focuses on promoting success, building relationships, and guiding individuals to became the best version of themselves.

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