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Chris Tuff

Renowned Keynote Speaker, USA Today Best-selling Author of "The Millennial Whisperer"

Fee Range: $25,000-$30,000
Atlanta, Georgia

Culture, Leadership, Sales, Connection, Retention, Networking

Chris Tuff Really Cares About Helping People and Improving Their Lives. He has one goal at every speaking event: to provide attendees with meaningful and insightful lessons that they can implement in their own lives – both professionally and personally – the second they leave their seats!

In a world where everything is connected, we've never been more disconnected from each other-especially when it comes to the workplace! Chris Tuff understands this challenge like few others and can provide the steps needed to get back to authentic connection to maximize your company's culture, retention, and return. 

His mission is simple: to put an end to this crisis of disconnection and bring humility and humanity back into business. By emphasizing commonalities and shared experiences, by taking an empathetic approach to individual strengths and collective empowerment, we can overcome one of the biggest workplace challenges of the 21st century.

Chris began his career as a pioneer of the social media marketing space, becoming one of the first marketers to work directly on Facebook advertising. Chris was also one of the first to film a “viral” video, an honor that landed him on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and as a guest on Good Morning America.

His first book, The Millennial Whisperer, is a USA Today bestseller. Chris explains how you can leverage connection to bridge generational divides within your organization for a more cohesive and motivated team.  

During the pandemic, Chris shifted his focus toward making connections outside of the office, which resulted in publishing his new bestseller, Save Your AsksChris teaches you how to apply these connection strategies outside of your immediate network so you can build lasting, meaningful, and profitable relationships that last. Chris is so confident in these strategies that he guarantees a 10x return on your investment. 

Chris has been featured in Forbes MagazineWall Street Journal, in Fast CompanyThe New York Times, Wired, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Digiday, Social Times, Social Fresh, and consistently in advertising trade publications like Ad Age and Advertising Weekly. He has appeared on Good Morning America, and is a favorite for Podcasts all over the world! 

Awards and Achievements Chris has received include:

  • Became one of the first marketers to work directly on Facebook advertising
  • One of the first to film a "viral" video 
  • Book "The Millennial Whisperer" is a USA Today Best Seller
  • Graduate of Vanderbilt University- BS in Human and Organizational Development  

Chris's Most Requested Keynote Experiences include: 

  • The Millennial Whisperer- Lazy. Entitled. Needy. These are just some of the words used to describe Millennials and Gen Z-ers in the workplace. But to discount these much-maligned generations of workers isn’t just buying into the myths—it’s damaging to your business. A fulfilling culture is a byproduct of authentically connecting, and The Great Resignation is the result of that need not being met. In this session, you will: – Identify what’s missing from your leadership style – Build a work culture employees crave – Win at recruiting new employees – Retain current employees by learning to motivate, manage, and grow a multigenerational workforce.

  • Save Your Asks- In the modern work environment, business leaders and sales teams are under enormous pressure to convert more leads and shorten sales cycles. Many have turned to technology for assistance, but in most cases, widening the funnel through automation and asking for the sale too fast has resulted in low capture rates and diminishing ROI. With Chris’s 5 Secrets to Authentic Connection, you will: – Look at building—and sustaining—connections in a new, more energizing light – Learn how identifying prospects’ pain points can instantly increase conversion – Build a new network of genuine, lifelong connections – 3x your sales ability in business. 

  • Leading With Genuine Connection- In the wake of The Great Resignation, many companies are scrambling to find ways to attract & retain top talent, AND find new business within their ecosystem. They understand the answer lies in culture, but bagels in the breakroom and forced fun mixers aren’t moving the needle. Modern employees want a workplace where their passion, purpose, and profession intersect. In this session, you will: – Build a work culture employees crave – Increase recruitment and retention – Arm your sales team with tactics to improve topline ROI – Bring passion, fulfillment, and fun to the way you’re doing business.  

“Chris’s presentation to our global team at Meta was inspiring and timely.  Chris brings a high level of energy and passion to the room.  His message about human connection and building authentic relationships really resonated with our business leaders.”                                                      ~JD Doughney IV, Director, Global Client Lead – Meta

His clients include: Harvard, AT&T, Nestle, Nike, Meta, The Home Depot, Verizon, Walmart, LexisNexis, NALFA, Microsoft, Payroc, USI Insurance Services, Christie’s Auction House, Delta Air Lines, Swiss Krono, USA, IHG Hotels & Resorts, and many more ...

Through Chris's energy, humor, and captivating storytelling abilities, he empowers audience members to tap into their full potential—professionally and personally. His engaging style and practical lessons on authenticity can be implemented immediately and last long after attendees leave the room.

The result? Better recruitment/retention, an energized outlook on networking, sales, and a company culture that not only helps employees foster feelings of fulfillment and joy in the workplace, but also supercharges productivity and profits. 

Looking for a Keynote Speaker that will not only help you lead Millennials, but help you become a better leader for everyone? Chris is not a ‘sit and listen’ type of speaker; he will get you thinking, taking notes, and wanting to go back to your world and start executing! To Book Chris Tuff for Your Next Event, click Book This Speaker below, or call today at 888-766-3155 as he is booking quickly for 2023! 


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