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Coach M J Tolan

International World-Class Keynote Motivational Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author, Executive Coach, Podcast Producer

Fee Range: $10,000-$12,500
Orlando, Florida

Leadership, Sales, Mindset, Entrepreneurship, Resilience, Adversity, Team Building, Communication, Attitude

What Happens When an International Motivational Keynote and TEDx Speaker is Forced to Do Battle with Cancer?

Coach MJ Tolan has lived the example of the power of his own "I'M Possible' Mindset", which emphasizes the ability we all have to overcome any obstacle, no matter how difficult, through Faith, Determination, Positivity, and Never Giving in or Giving Up! Coach found this out, "Cancer is afraid of two things, Courage, and a Sense of Humor, so never leave home without them!"  

Despite facing cancer, Coach MJ refused to let any death sentence control his life. Instead, he used his warrior spirit, and "I'M Possible" thinking to conquer and emerge even stronger. Through this experience his "I'm Possible" story is chronicled in the book he and other survivors co-authored, "Dared to Be Me, Through Cancer: Getting Crystal Clear on How to Fly", which was launched in February 2023.   

From his humble roots living in the beach areas of Carolina to becoming a pioneer in emerging markets as an entrepreneur, Coach M J started business units across the globe and orchestrated over a dozen company start-ups, doing over $100M USD in Global Sales. He built one of his organizations from 3 persons to 790 over 15 years in new emerging markets, such as Russia, Dubai, Lebanon, Eastern Europe, and Asia. "Mission: I'M Possible" keynotes and workshops that Coach MJ has developed have been delivered in world-renowned business centers such as Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and throughout Europe.

Coach MJ has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Insider, and USA Today, and has appeared on Fox News. He is a Best-selling author of "Executive Powers: Cracking the Code to Magnetic Leadership", and "Success in 47 Minutes", and was featured in "THE POWER OF VISION: VISION IS WHERE SUCCESS STARTS FROM" by Dr. Vicky Omifolaji. 

Known as the "King of Virtual", Coach MJ hosts the successful Podcast, "The Real Mission I'M Possible" where he invites some of the most amazing people from around the world to discuss their own journey down the road of the impossible and how they turned it all around and made it ‘I’M Possible‘ through adopting a Can -Do- Must Do -Will Do -Mind Set! He is a Master at Virtual Keynotes and World-class Workshops too!

Coach MJ's New and Most Requested Keynote Experiences include:

  • Mission: I'M Possible Now- For audiences who would appreciate insights on how to face any obstacle now, together, with the fun anecdotes and his Warrior Mindset.
  • Mission: I'M Possible Leaders- For Managers and any leadership Team based on his book, "Executive Powers: Cracking the Code to Magnetic Leadership", drawing upon his 15 years as a C Level Exec in 8 emerging markets overseas, which is designed to align their leadership team with the values of Empathy, Courage, Respect, and Humility. 

"A powerful, engaging speaker, MJ knows how to work a crowd and get his point across in a way that is relevant, memorable, and enjoyable, all at the same time. If you want to hear a man of conviction whose dynamic message and integrity in leadership is 100% real, MJ fits the bill. Whether you’re looking for a speaker, an emcee, a workshop facilitator, or a master motivator, I highly recommend Coach MJ Tolan.
~Joe Perez ("Dr. Joe") Chief Technology Officer, 

During his career, with his many business interests, he has also co-founded an NGO Charity Time4 Sharing, and has worked alongside heads of state including Prince Albert of Monaco, the Presidents of Slovakia and Lebanon, Patrick Swayze, Dr. Timothy Shriver, United Nations leaders, and more, to positively impact the lives of over 16,500 underprivileged children.

Looking for an Engaging and Dynamic Leadership Speaker to Help Your Teams, Employees, Leaders, and Executives to Reach Their Best Peak Performance and Tap into Their Highest Potential? And Have Fun too?  Look No Further! Coach MJ Tolan is the Perfect Match! To Have Him at Your Next In-person or Virtual Event, Click Below to Book this Speaker, or Contact Us Today at 888-766-3155, as He Books Quickly! 

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