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David Atkins, CVP

Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Million Dollar Business Owner, Retired State Police Captain, Bestselling Author, Executive Coach

Fee Range: $10,000 - $15,000
New York City, New York

Vision, Purpose, Attitude, Mindset, Fear, Adversity, Business, Sales, Leadership, Team Building, Teamwork, Success

Do you have a Vision? David Atkins shows His Audience The Power of Having a Vision and How to Make it Come True by Remembering: NO EXCUSES! 

From a teenager to a successful law enforcement career, becoming a million-dollar earner, and now as a sought-after motivational and inspirational keynote speaker and executive coach, David knows the Power of having a vision! He sets goals and achieves them, and overcomes fear and adversity along the way! He now shows you his secrets!

David never has given up his dreams, and is helping others see they don't have to either! David didn't find it easy as he faced and had to overcome fear and adversity, and focus on keeping his mindset moving forward.

How did this happen? David created a blueprint for his life, by having a 'no excuses' mindset, and now shares the keys and secrets in his first book, "The Leveled Up Life- The No Excuse Blueprint to Live a Life Up to Your Fullest Potential."

Accomplishments and Awards of David Atkins include: 

  • Led all State Police Operations for the entire County of Westchester NY
  • First Responder on Ground Zero on 9/11
  • New York State Trooper of the Year 2003
  • Led undercover units involved in Organized Crime, Auto Theft, Money Laundering, and large-scale drug organizations
  • Incident Commander US Open Golf Tournament
  • New York State Police Investigator of the Year in 2007
  • Retired as Captain of the New York State Police Department with 22 years of service 
  • Built a Million Dollar Direct Sales Business
  • Team Leader of 1400 Coaches
  • Elite Team Beachbody Coach, 2014, 2017, 2020
  • Million Dollar Direct Sales Earner, (Legacy Club) 2021, 2021-2022
  • Beachbody Coach Advisory Board (CAB) Member- (One of 8 chosen) Meet frequently to discuss company,
    represents 350,000 Coach Network
  • Has presented to over 20,000 people in the NFL Super Dome in New Orleans   
  • Published his first Bestseller, "The Leveled Up Life"  
  • Husband and a Father to his three daughters
  • Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP) by eSpeakers

"I plan several events each year for my organization across the country and have worked with numerous motivational speakers, speakers bureaus, and agencies. Working with David Atkins was a magical experience in itself. If you are looking for an exceptional speaker to work with who will impact your organization, leave a lasting impression, and is also great to work with, look no further than David Atkins… there is NO EXCUSE."
~ Jessica Davis, Sr. VP of Marketing, Acentria Insurance & Foundation Risk Partners

The Most Requested Keynote Experiences of David Atkkins include:

  • NO EXCUSES- Breakthrough Fear and Adversity to Play a Bigger Game in Business and Life. You will recognize the excuses we all tell ourselves of why we can't achieve a certain goal, attain that next promotion, or make the biggest impact in our career and life. You will take away: empowerment to achieve big goals, inspiration immediately toward that next level, have a vision you can see and feel even before you are there, and a positive mindset and attitude needed to succeed no matter what happens in life. 
  • NO EXCUSES - SENSE of URGENCY- Transform Your Mindset from Simply Surviving to Thriving: We often talk about the things we are going to do and accomplish. We talk about starting "tomorrow" or "someday." It's the start that stops most people. But the fact is tomorrow is not guaranteed and success is never convenient. It will never be the perfect time to start. It's about creating it. David shares his story about how living each day as if it's your last can massively impact your level of success.

David's Clients include: Acentria Insurance & Foundation Risk Partners, Massachusetts Staffing Association, Clearbridge Technology Group, FRA, International Association for Identification, VIB Network, NASP, NYSA, California Staffing, and Recruiting Association, ARELLO, Albany County Department for Children Youth and Families, GROWMARK Retail Division, and many more...
Looking for a Speaker that is “CAPTIVATING,” “SPECTACULAR,” creates a “MAGICAL EXPERIENCE,” “DYNAMIC,” “MESMERIZING,” and HAS AN “OFF THE CHARTS STAGE PRESENCE?” One that brings content and compelling stories that can transform the mindset, and inspire your participants to create a workplace culture of success? Former Captain David Atkins of the New York State Police is the Perfect Choice! He takes the time to know you and your company, and is an Event Planners Dream to Work with! To hire David Atkins see Book this Speaker below, or call or text us today at 888-766-3155 right away as he books quickly!  


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