Gary Palin

Award-winning Entrepreneurship Professor, Global Speaker, Plenary Speaker, and Serial Entrepreneur

Topics: Campus/University, Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Training

Professor Gary Palin is a serial entrepreneur and entrepreneurship Professor at the University of Southern Maine. He brings a combination of over 30 years of experience in both education and entrepreneurial communities. He is an award-winning educator and a globally recognized speaker. 

Prof Gary believes "Entrepreneurship is more than starting a business! It is a thought process with multiple applications." His signature series: "The 4 Pillars of an Entrepreneurial Mindset" shows his excellent expertise at being able to teach, mentor, and coach others to success.

Professor Palin is a sought-after Global Speaker, and his style is not a “one size fits all.” Professor Palin is also recognized as a leading expert in Social Entrepreneurship as well as Intrepreneurship - which is seen as the new work style of the future.

The Prof believes todays' audiences expect Excellent Content and Entertainment in a short period of time! He can certainly deliver and exceed those expectations with his humor and story-telling expertise. 

Professor Palin doesn’t like to “brag” but has achieved many awards including: The Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Award from the Acton Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence, and was named a top 25 Entrepreneurship Education Global Thought Leader by Enterprise Educators UK.

His accomplishments include the following: leading NC State University and Elon University to global recognition, being featured in Entrepreneurship magazine, and on the Bloomberg Businessweek rankings of top undergraduate business schools.

He is also the founding member of the MIT Global Startup Workshop of Advisors, and Founder of the Entrepreneurship and Education Network. He has consulted for numerous entrepreneurial ventures and also with major corporations such as Texas Instruments, FMC Corporation, and Thomas Register. The Prof serves on a number of high-growth company advisory boards.

Dedicated to helping others succeed in all areas of Intrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship, Professor Palin brings an engaging and interactive experience everywhere he appears! You won’t want to miss having him at your upcoming event. 

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