Blanca Cobb

Internationally Recognized Body Language and Non-Verbal Communications Expert, Speaker, TV Media Personality, Author

Topics: Body Language, Communication, Customer Experience, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Speaker, Innovation, Lie Detection, Personal Development, Professional Development, Sales, Thought Leader, Women's Topics

Blanca Cobb is an internationally recognized body language and lie detection expert who uses her behavior analysis expertise and psychology background to get to the truth!

Blanca is an “in-demand” media guest, speaker, and coach who breaks down the complexities of human behavior to help people succeed in life!

Since more than 60% of communication is nonverbal, your gestures, voice, and facial expressions make a stronger impression that what you say.

Blanca's unconventional path as a body language and lie detection expert began at a young age. She was a child crime victim and target of bullying. As you might imagine, Blanca developed survivor instincts to figure out whom she could trust. Yet, these instincts were limited until she began training with international experts in the field. Blanca has had the opportunity to train at a level few civilians have experienced.

Blanca, with her interactive and engaging presence and training, gives you the tools for success no matter what field you are in! In her custom-tailored presentations, Blanca uncovers secrets and tactics you can use right away!

Blanca is a Senior Instructor at the Body Language Institute in Washington D.C. where her audiences include Sales Leaders, Business Owners, Professionals, Law Enforcement Officers, and Customer Service Personnel.

Blanca has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a M.S. in Psychology from North Carolina State University. She is a featured author in the best-seller, Methods of the Masters, and is currently working on a new book. She is a contributing editor and host on WFMY Channel 2 in Greensboro.

Recently featured on the TODAY Show, Blanca "WOWED" the audience with her humor, engaging presence, and helpful techniques on how to avoid inappropriate situations with ease and confidence.

Her other media appearances include: Dr. Oz Show, HLN's Dr. Drew On-Call, Good Morning America, CNN, USA Today, FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates as well as being quoted in the New York Daily News, The Root, and Cosmopolitan. She was featured in the July 2015 issue of Real Simple magazine. Her audiences include: TED-x speaker-Greensboro, Volvo, Converge South Conference, UNC-Greensboro, and many more.

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