Janet Perez Eckles

International Keynote Speaker, Best-selling Author, Radio Host,

Topics: Business, Change, Communication, Empowerment, Faith Based, Fear, Human Resources Speaker, Inspiration, Leadership, Motivation, Personal and Professional Development, Resilience, Thought Leader, Women Topics, Work Life-Balance

“Among our convention speakers, you have been my favorite. With your presentation, you have erased any excuses anyone could have to reach the top. You’re the speaker who truly inspires leaders to action.” Paul Morris - Executive Vice President and Co-Founder - EXFUZE, LLC  

“Success, an Inside Job” is one of the keynote presentations that international speaker and best-selling author, Janet Perez Eckles brings to her English and Spanish speaking audiences.  

Levels of productivity and performance can only soar when passion is ignited. Janet’s unique speaking flair lights up that passion to demonstrate how to overcome obstacles, how to bring power to teamwork, sparking confidence and determination.  

Janet’s 15-years of experience in empowering thousands to rise above adversity comes from her personal triumph over what most could call tragic.   Yet she brings to her audiences the strategic path to victory.

The one she herself applied when at 30, she lost her sight, and then again years later when her son was murdered and the man responsible was acquitted.  “Tenacity with faith is the bridge between adversity and triumph,” Janet says.  

Sharing the stage with John C. Maxwell, Darren Hardy, Lee Strobel, Oliver North and other speakers, Janet wears the label of “The Excuse Eraser.”

She has taken her universal teachings across the U.S., South America, the Caribbean islands, and Mexico. Her unexpected humor and fresh insights transform and energize her audiences. They walk away with valuable strategies to conquer their own professional and personal hurdles.  

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