Speaker, Author, Artist, Futurist, Visionary

Topics: Arts/Artists, Branding, Change, Innovation, Leadership, Professional and Personal Development, Thought Leader, Transformation

International Speaker and Innovative Visionary, Falcon creates the artistic image for his audiences and clients to:
                "See the World Again. For the First Time." 

Whether with his voice, camera, or pen, Falcon's goal is to create an emotionally compelling visual experience that will provide you with a competitive edge. 

Falcon often shares:  "If you are not clear and concise in communicating who you are and what you do, they will invent it!"  

We would never want you to do that with this sought-after speaker, Falcon. 

Left to fend for himself at a young age and faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, Falcon was able to envision a future that would take him into some of the best universities in this country. He learned how to chart a path past hopelessness and turn a lifetime into helping others know they can do the same!

During his early school years, he always had a habit of sitting at the back of the room. When a debate became intense, he would, as a classmate noted, "descend like a bird of prey" and they started calling him Falcon. 

Falcon was educated at Fordham, Yale (being named a Timothy Dwight Fellow) and Emory Universities. With his proven ability to design and implement complex, state- of-the-art, technology infrastructures, and become known for his creative and innovative uses of technology based on business practice analysis; Falcon was nominated by Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers, and received the ComputerWorld Smithsonian Medal for his accomplishments in Information Technology. 

Falcon's view of the world-literally-is often limited to black, white, and gray. He has struggled with a life-long visual problem that has changed the way he sees the world! 

What an amazing American story of overcoming all obstacles and rising to become a CEO, Professor, Dean of a College, Systems Engineer, Director, Author, Consultant to AT&T, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Photographer, and now Senior Partner of the Award-winning "The House of Nyght Falcon" (using the old English spelling of night) a digital-imaging firm that is considered among the best in the world focusing on the fashion industry, all the while never appearing without sunglasses, wearing his signature color-black, and never being able to see in color!

Falcon is a sought-after speaker sharing how to build brand community, the future of technology, understanding how the past shapes the future, design thinking, understanding your client's journey and building your business around it, leveraging technology, and competing competitively. 

Professor Lew G. Brown- UNCG Professor of Marketing, and recepient of North Carolina's highest civilian award- The Order of the Long Leaf Pine shares:
"Falcon speaks with authority and clearly knows his subjects.  He engages the audience, getting them involved and thinking about his topic. He challenges his audiences to think anew about things they believe they have learned or take for granted. I can recommend Falcon as a speaker without reservation!" 

Falcon is ready to take your audiences to a new level, helping people understand what it means to be human! 

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