John Baumann

International Motivational and Inspirational Success Speaker, Best-selling Author, and Blogger

Topics: Change, Corporate Culture, Excellence, Healthcare, Health & Wellness, Inspiration, Leadership, Motivation, Purpose, Quality of Life, Resilience, Success, Thought Leader

"I did not set out to be an inspiring success speaker. I did not choose it. It chose me!"  ~John Baumann

Most would give in and give up when diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (or any other chronic illness) at the age of 41.  John made the decision to "Decide Success." 

He had a wonderful life and believed he was fulfilling his "purpose." He graduated from Cornell Law School, and had practiced law for 15 successful years. Then his world was turned upside down. He had no idea how quickly the symptoms of this horrific, debilitating disease would progress. It totally changed his perspective on life.

What no one would see as a positive development, John decided to make one. He worked for seven more years as a full-time attorney. He contributed to several books and wrote one of his own aptly named, "Decide Success-You Ain't Dead Yet." John joined the faculty of the University of Louisville, and was honored as "Most Inspiring Professor."  

But his most important decision was to reinvent himself as an Inspiring Success Speaker and Workshop Facilitator. Now over 15 years later after that first diagnosis, John speaks on topics he knows he is an expert in, and maintains an honest, genuine, real, humorous approach.  He has truly "uncovered his purpose!" 

Wherever John speaks his audiences are captivated
and share encouraging testimonials like these: 

"John is wonderfully motivating and truly inspirational. His programs are informative, witty and inspiring. I know our group was thrilled to have him speak at our meeting. Looking forward to more events in the future!"  ~Arianne Breiteneicher, Sr. Brand Mgr. at U.S. WorldMeds

"John is a smart, accomplished, charismatic and relentlessly upbeat and goal-focused speaker. He's an inspiration to people like me who have known him for many years, as well as to people who are encountering him for the first time."  
~ Jackson Katz, Ph.D.  Director of MVP Strategies

"John was an amazing inspiration to many who have been through similiar experiences. It has been 3 months and people are still talking about him. Thanks John! We WILL have you back!" ~ Jennifer Johnson,
Executive Director, American Parkinson Disease Association. 

John is a master of the following topics and continues to share his secrets and discoveries to audiences world-wide!  

  • Improving your quality of life
  • Appreciating professional and family caregivers
  • Being more successful by using his twelve actions
  • Learning how to eliminate sexual harassment  

John not only resonates with the healthcare industry but to all who are facing change and need to see that one can successfully create a new life and career that they love!  

John Baumann is an Event Planner's Dream!  He brings an amazing story of success and shares how those in his audiences can do it too!  



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