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Karen Yankovich

★LinkedIn Expert & Keynote Speaker ★ Successful Social Media Strategist ★ Founder of the LinkedUp Revolution!

Fee Range: $7500 - $10,000
Trenton, New Jersey

Branding, Communication, LinkedIn Expert, Marketing, Sales, Social Media

Karen Yankovich is Helping Entrepreneurs & Business Professionals Grow a Profitable LinkedIn Network!

Her sweet spot is getting an audience captivated where the energy in the room feels like magic!

Karen knows firsthand that social media is not just a platform for sharing– it is the most powerful modern tool for easily boosting your revenue and building your online presence.

Navigating changes in the online world is tough. That’s why Karen has made it her job to help you use LinkedIn strategically to get more visibility, build a broader client base, and increase your income. 

Karen guarantees powerful results for her audiences based on extensive experience working in the corporate sector and with small to medium-sized businesses to create and implement successful and profitable social media strategies, establishing expert status in their business sectors.

A profitable social media strategy starts with a strong personal brand, and LinkedIn is the place to achieve this goal. As a LinkedIn Strategist, Karen teaches businesses how to tap into the authentic, recurring revenue stream that emerges from this platform. Take the first steps towards putting yourself on the success track to LinkedIn mastery with having Karen at your next event. 

Karen believes an online strategy doesn’t have to devour your entire life.  With her unique strategies she shows you how you can spend most of your time doing that thing YOU are passionate about knowing that your social media is at work.

Karen knows: 

  • the struggle of new and seasoned business owners trying to wade through the technology side of online business marketing  
  • understands the fear and overwhelm social media can cause – what busy business owner has the time to learn it all??
  • totally gets that you might feel alone and ready to give up.

But please don’t! Karen is here to save your dream with her proven step-by-step formula for making money online, successful social media strategies to bring in consistent clients, and systems to make it all flow easily.

Once you hear Karen speak she will want you to hang out with her online! In her LinkedIn group or free Facebook Group, she never ever wants you to feel like you have to go it alone again.
Karen also LOVES the beach and being an entrepreneur affords her the ability to actually work from the beach, something in all the years of that corporate experience above she could only dream of. And she wants that dream for you too.

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