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Carl Loop

"Achieve the LEAP" Keynote Speaker, Author, and Consultant

Topics: Branding, Business, Change, Communication, Corporate Culture, Customer Experience, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Excellence, Global Business Development, Human Resources Speaker, Innovation, Inspiration, Leadership, Marketing, Motivation, Professional and Personal Development, Purpose, Quality of Life, Sales, Strategic Planning, Success, Team Building, Thought Leader, Transformation, Workplace Issues, Work-Life Balance

Ready to LEAP?
Incremental or “status quo” business growth will eventually land you at the back of the pack. It's time to “Achieve The LEAP!”

  • LEAP Business Growth and Sales
  • LEAP Leadership and Self Leadership
  • LEAP People and Culture

What burning questions are being asked?

  • How risky is the business future at its current level of growth?
  • How can we maximize innovation and other growth initiatives?
  • What does it take to create a powerful growth culture?
  • What will address the turnover issue that is undermining leadership results?
  • How to dramatically increase effectiveness of change initiatives?

"Carl's presentation was highly relevant to the needs of busy executives.  Especially appreciated his use of metaphor in his speaking. This made his subject matter even more relatable, while adding intrigue and humor.  I recommend him highly, and encourage you to consider asking him to speak at your next event."  ~Leslie Roche, CEO and Vistage Chair

"Carl is an amazingly charismatic speaker. He keeps the audience engaged from the moment he hits the stage!"  ~Jeff Crilley, CEO

"Accelerated and powerfully unique... resulting in truly engaged peak performing individuals and organizations." ~Dr. Jeffrey Magee, Owner
See the Unseen
Carl says the most amazing thing about what he does is to help people "See the Unseen" to LEAP opportunities.  His various award-winning corporate, entrepreneurial, creative, technical and leadership background and experiences enable him to bring a new perspective so you see the unseen to "Achieve The LEAP." 

Leaping Loop
Carl is passionate about helping people "Achieve The LEAP."  To date, he has helped businesses profit by 10's of Millions of dollars...and counting!  When Carl was very young, he could jump really far, and became a bit of a celebrity in schoolyard competitions. People started calling Carl “Leaping Loop" and it has stuck ever since!

Other notes about Carl

  • Award-winning Fortune 100 leader
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • BFA in Photography.  BS in Mathematics.  MBA in Marketing
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